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Our Services

We ideate, conceptualize and build digital solutions from scratch and act as the backbone for pioneering companies

We ideate opportunities

We explore sweet spots and growth potentials through a collaborative approach at the intersection of business acumen, applied science, tech feasibility & customer centricity. Our goal is to find the Northstar without thinking about constraints to open the minds: From Moonshot workshops that aim for 10x improvement, through Design Sprints to solution concept assessment by proactively integrating the core audience and main stakeholders.
Ideate Opportunity

We conceptualize businesses

We create a business concept that aims beyond the obvious, covering all activities to conceptualize a digital solution from A to Z within 8 weeks. The concept is grounded on our proven solution machinery framework putting five pillars in the center: • Understanding the audiences with their individual needs and pain points• Drafting a product concept and process-flows by bridging the gap between audience and business needs• Blueprinting the scalable tech and operational target architecture• Analyzing and assessing the market with their specialties and existing player• Illuminating a 360° view of the economics by creating a comprehensive financial business case covering all aspects of launching a unique digital solution.In a nutshell: An innovative idea is transformed into to a comprehensive business concept!
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We build full digital solutions

We mitigate the risks of building digital solutions by ensuring they go live within 4-6 months to test and learn in realistic conditions.We start by taking over and translating the concept draft and (preliminary) prototypes with features. The translated material is converted into user process-flows by our product team. The process flows are narrowed down into front-/ backend, APIs & software building blocks Translation of process flows into epics & tasks Our team is responsible for defining user stories and managing the task fulfillment, tech integration modeling & building the TOMThereafter, finbyte develops and realizes an MVP and tests its effectiveness with beta test groups. Finally, the MVP is ready to go-live and is handed over to you. You receive the code, designs, and additional content that supports your future trajectory of scaling the MVP.
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We execute with staff augmentation

We provide engineering, product, or strategic expertise to ensure the long-term support of your digital solution. We incorporate digital heroes and industry experts to support your trajectory throughout the product lifecycle and beyond. Our experts formerly gained years of experience in fast pacing and regulated environments, covering all cycles of evolution - ideation, growth, scale, and beyond. With our Human Capital as a service, you can access our engineers and strategist using state-of-the-art technology stacks, managers with customer-centric minds, and high-caliber experts in venture building.
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